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"I guess there are some bonuses to that, though.”

"—… it makes my wait for you all the more anticipated."

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"You’d think having your own business would mean shorter business trips, but I swear it’s the exact opposite."

[……. o-o]

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"Ha ha! Hello!"

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Trunks Brief isn’t the main character of dragon ball z but he still has a place in my pants. I mean heart. But also pants.

"Is that a compliment?"

chibigoten-and-chibitrunks asked: "Hey Trunks why do you look all funny?" "I don't look funny! He's just an imposter. Must be an experiment my Mom is working on or something." *Trunks walks over to the older version of himself and starts poking him* "Sure is lifelike though."



"…. that was some party last night!"

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